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Your Credit


(Equal to 0 AUD)

Today's value of each TTNCoin is 1 AUD

How to earn TTNCoin?

There are two ways to we add virtual currencies into a member's account: "Manually" or "Winning a Competition. 

TTN admin can define rewards for the questions on our community to motivate our members to answer and earn the rewards. 

When we will put rewards for questions, we can choose the winner based on the most number of likes receives on the answer, or we can pick the winner(s) manually. Once we pick someone as the winner, the reward will be added to the winners' profile. 

Start earning points now by engaging our community post/answer questions with TTNCoin (Virtual currency) today!

How to redeem TTNCoin?
  • If you will collect 500 TTNCoin - You will Get $10 AUD gift card
  • If you will collect 1000 TTNCoin - Get Free software testing book
  • If you will collect 2000 TTNCoin - Get FREE conference Passes

Ready to start earning?