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Jump into this group to chat about Security and penetration testing! 

It has been such a pleasure to network and learns with you in this agile group! We encourage you to contribute to the group by starting a new discussion or engaging in existing ones.

To continue to provide you with valuable experience, we will still moderate posts. We will delete anything that is SPAM, inappropriate, harassing or otherwise not right for our Security and penetration testing group. 

Also in order to further the value of this group:

  • Links to articles or blog post should provide some context.
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  • New ideas about Security and penetration testing, strategy and tool for software testing professional
  • Links in your response are fine, as long as they appropriately further the conversation related to security and penetration testing industry.

This Group is an association of QA, software testing enthusiasts, journeymen, masters and grandmasters who keep each other informed about innovations related to the software Security and penetration testing industry. The objective of this group is to promote a common platform where people can share their insights and develop an edge when it comes to Security and penetration testing.

This group brings together thought leaders and technology specialists in automated testing for hands-on exposure to coding, toolsets, automation methodologies, best practices and cutting-edge solutions.

Thank you for helping us to make this group terrific one for gathering agile testing advice and learning best practices!

Naveen liked 9 months ago

How to Select a Penetration Testing Company?

Due to sudden growth in cyber breaches and increased sophistication in cyber attacks around the world, security-concern businesses start seeking at ways to secure and protect their sensible database in an effective way possible. Therefore, the demand for penetration testing... (More)

Niranjan liked 5 months ago

Fuzzing Methodology for QA in Penetration Testing

In my training sessions for QA, Developers, and Project Managers I always love to take this up, as here is where QA guys can discover and developers can eradicate security flaws.

What is Fuzzing?

Fuzzing is sending a lot of... (More)

Bhashit liked a reply 6 months ago

Do you know? It is possible to hack into firebase even if you fix the firestore firewall rules where the attacker is able to gain access to the data via /.json?

Yes, there is still a way!

Recently my team was working on an application running on firebase. It is not possible to use burp suite as the entire application is based on firebase real-time functions using js only and there... (More)

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In order to make an application vulnerability-resistant, it is essential to have a strong strategy for security testing.

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