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Creating and establishing the TTN community culture is highly valuable since that will set the tone as well as the way members interact with each other. It is important to enjoy and celebrate in the TTN community as moments of success need to be shared and cherished in the community to inspire the members. So you can write down your success stories OR testimonial about TTN community in this space. 


The members to nominate a peer who has been the most helpful to them or to the TTN community overall. The nominated person will receive - “Cheers for peers” badge.


Jayesh liked 11 days ago
I am delighted to be the part of Testing Tech News community. This platform really leverages me to discuss over various technology topics with leading industry experts. Also it helps to learn new technology techniques and information from the practitioner.... (More)
Jayesh liked a month ago
Thanks to testing tech news for this awesome platform for Software Testing Professionals. It shares updated news, Testing Workshops, and Conferences. It is a great initiative to help fellow community members and grow together to be better testers every day... (More)
Jayesh replied a month ago

What makes TTN community different than any other testing community:

It's been 10 months , I have been a part of TTN and I am very happy that I can some how contributing to community.

This is not like any other community, following factors make TTN different than any other... (More)

Jayesh liked a month ago
I would like to take a a moment and share my experience with TTN. There was an time when I was helping testers and learning from others in an isolated environment. The reach out numbers were fixed and the knowledge... (More)