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Creating and establishing the TTN community culture is highly valuable since that will set the tone as well as the way members interact with each other. It is important to enjoy and celebrate in the TTN community as moments of success need to be shared and cherished in the community to inspire the members. So you can write down your success stories OR testimonial about TTN community in this space. 


The members to nominate a peer who has been the most helpful to them or to the TTN community overall. The nominated person will receive - “Cheers for peers” badge.


Hoshang liked a month ago
Thanks to Niranjan Limbachiya and testing tech news for this awesome platform for Software Testing Professionals. So far on Testing Tech News platform, I have won below giveaway contests. # Pass for "TestFest USA 2020" (Testing Conference by Clavent) #... (More)
Niranjan commented 2 months ago
What will be your NOT ToDo list for 2021?
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Skills needs to be a Good Tester

Good observation: Once you started observing little and minor things, you can do better in testing. Any changes or improper things in the application will be easily observed.

Scope of thinking: You need to start thinking from each corner. You... (More)

Niranjan commented 4 months ago
Niranjan gave me link to this community after I've commented on an article he wrote/shared. I'm so glad that that happened because it's nice to be part of the community which is active, responsive to questions and willing to help.... (More)