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Webinar & Conference
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Jump into this group to chat about software testing webinar and conference around the world!!

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Be a part of Python Boot Camp – Enables every one into the Python world. The boot camp is an Instructor Led Online program which will cover basics of python needed for picking up ML and AI and/or Selenium Automation... (More)
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Unlock your free access to Atlassian Team 2021. APRIL 28-30, 2021 Location: DIGITAL EVENT Register now to claim your free digital pass to Team 2021. As a past Atlassian event attendee, we'd like to invite you to our newest digital... (More)
Tricentis’ last virtual conference was a huge success, and we’re working to make the next one even better! Join us this April to gain real-world insights, virtually, into the latest trends and best practices in testing and automation at the... (More)
“Test Orchestration” is the key strategy of companies in today’s competitive marketplace. However, it may become a time-consuming and effort-intensive process if not done right. Hence, there’s a need for better strategies. Join the Katalon x Kobiton webinar and explore... (More)