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Become a TTN Writer

TTN community is a newly established community and we are looking for eager, passionate writers for our community. We love to learn from our TTN authors, and love to share what we learn with the testing community. If you are eager, passionate, reliable, and love to share your software testing expertise, then come and write for TTN community!

Why Become a TTN Writer??

1. Inspire :

Would you be interested to share your software testing inspiration? Bring your creativity and problem-solving skills in writing for other TTN members. You can generate your own ideas to inspire the testing community to grow.

2. Learn:

Develop your ideas, share with our TTN community and learn too.

3. Earn TTN Writer badge:

You will get ‘TTN Writer’ badge and recognition in the TTN community to value your expertise in the area of software testing.

4. Expand your TTN network:

You can join the community and add a bio section, with your photo and earn TTN badge which will be easier for others to follow on TTN community.

5. Be heard:

Write with us and we’ll support you to make your writing the best it can be. Get your voice heard loud and clear by tens of thousands of testers in the TTN community.

Here are some tips from TTN Community:

  • Be specific. Don’t leave the TTN community members to guess what your piece is about.
  • Spark interest. Engage our TTN reader’s interest by highlighting what’s unique about your piece.
  • Be clear. Avoid confusing terms, general statements, or “insider” jargon.
  • Be clean. Watch out for typos in your headlines
  • Bigger is not better. Make sure the caps lock is off. No all-caps titles.

Topics That We’re Interested In:

Here is a list of some of the topics that we have previously published on TTN Community, with links to example articles:

  • Testing Trends
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software testing process

This list is not exclusive if you’ve got a topic idea that you’re excited about then let us know. 

NOTE: Please don't send any request to join this group.  If you wish to write the blog for TTN community, you can write it directly after login. All blogs and content. will be moderated by TTN admin.

Looking For An Idea?

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

This is a secret group.

Please request to join to see the content.