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Agile Testing
Agile Testing

Learn agile testing methodologies, such as behaviour-driven development, test-driven development, and acceptance test-driven development.

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YES, developer should do any testing before passing build to test team, Although it is also depends on the complexity of project , team size and integration part also if it is present in the system.

Developer have to... (More)

I found 1 interesting bug while testing my project which is related to a financial transaction in salesforce classic mode In UAT Org, Where we are using 2 different numbers For Successful transaction we are using 14444444444444440 & for the... (More)

There are so many best practices that every tester should follow while writing test cases which includes:

(1) Keeping it very simple & Precise.

(2) Use Proper naming convention.

(3) Neither too long and nor too shot.

(4) Always keep... (More)

I was found one interesting bug..
>In one of our iOS app in login screen if i write long email in email field then email field size is increased display at left and right side based on email length instead... (More)