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Upcoming Webinar: Mobile First Approach and Testing - Push The Boundaries

Join our upcoming webinar on 16th March 2021 @ 10 AM PST

In this Webinar, we will discuss this extremely important topic 'why a mobile-first approach is the most productive way going forward, and how LambdaTest and Applitools are... (More)

Niranjan LimbachiyaTTN Admin
Where the Professionals Meet.🐥
Thrilled to have #thetestfest #UK media partner. The TestFest will bring together hundreds of experienced like-minded people, who seek to improve their skills to fit new market requirements and stay tuned with the latest trends! The summit will provide an... (More)
Bigg Ly
Best Way to Send Large Video Files

Popular Ways to Send Your Large Files Online Free – a Roundup

A few years back one could really not imagine that it is possible to transfer large files through the internet. Today the situation has changed and you can send large files on the fly with the use of several cloud... (More)

[Upcoming Webinar]: How Dunelm, a $1B Retail Giant, Does Digital Transformation and Testing

Join our Webinar on 17th February 2021 at 10:00 am PST

LambdaTest is proud to host the Dunelm panel including Stuart Day- Head of Quality, Ali Warsame- Principle QE, Adam Pike- Principle Quality Engineer, and Tomi Tiihonen... (More)