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Test Process
Test Process

Learn the fundamental test process comprising test planning and control, test analysis and design, test implementation and execution, evaluating and reporting exit criteria, and test closure.

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Daily Standup Purpose: It’s All About Flow, Not Status The Daily Standup (DSU) is a key ceremony in the Scrum Framework. When run effectively, it can ensure the Scrum team focuses on what’s important to meet the Sprint goal and... (More)

YES, developer should do any testing before passing build to test team, Although it is also depends on the complexity of project , team size and integration part also if it is present in the system.

Developer have to... (More)

Yes, I always consider User Personas while Testing the Software.

Personas to be considered while testing includes:

(1) Focus on the negative sides also.

(2) Focus on the usability portions. (like Proper messages, No grammatical mistakes, Perfect placeholders).


Niranjan LimbachiyaTTN Admin
Where the Professionals Meet.🐥